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Since 1995 I guide workshops about the practise of performance art, whether by teaching at art schools at home and abroad, or at the invitation by private organizations or as organiser of different events.  In 2006 I initiated the IPA Summer Camps which meanwhile enjoy an excellent reputation and are visited by young artists from around the world.

The approach of my workshops aims at a  performative image, which is centered to the person of the artist. By him / her and through him / her the performative image develops, as a result of exploration of artistic material. In both texts “Exploring Performance Art” and “To bring with you” this approach is made concrete.

I invite always two other artists to the IPA Camp, a total of 3 courses are taught in parallel. This ensures that there is always a certain range of different approaches is present. Thus the participants have the opportunity to develop their own artistic approach.

After the summer camp the Platform for young performance artists is following ,where artists of the summer camp and artists from the region are invited. Accompanying this, a symposium is held, where  the different approaches of workshops are presented and discussed.


IPA Summer 2013 - Platform for Young Performance Artists

Voices from participants

  • “What's the next step? Jürgen Fritz’s course group (a week later) was pervaded by this question even before it was posed; debate on the realms of performance craft holding equal measure to the performance itself. Together we rose, sank, quarreled; were held, dropped and recovered. It's hard now to reflect on Jürgen's workshop without the image of his bell-ringing, bagpipe-backed euphoria piercing my mind. The reverie, even ecstasy, of his performance (at the NRLA) clasped the essence of our week in one simple frame: the joy of the act.”

    Winterschool at the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, 2010

    Xan Coleman Artistic Director
  • "I just have to say, Jürgen Fritz is a mother fucking slave driver!“ (…) "We worked so fucking hard for that first hour. Then we did this back to back with a partner. We faced off to a partner, made eye contact and rhythmically clasped hands. Our bodies, pouring in sweat, we went neck to neck, then face to face, experiencing tension, intimacy, and the exchange of bodily fluid.“ 

    IPAH Sommercamp 2007, Berlin

    Richard Spartos Artist

IPA Summer Events

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IPA Summer 2006 - 2012


48 Participants from 21 different countries. Workshops, platform for young performance artists and round table in Istanbul. Teacher: Lynn Lu (Singapore/UK), Roi Vaara, (Finland), Jürgen Fritz (Germany). Partner: Koza Visual. See Video Gallery. See Gallery of Participants here

41 Participants from 9 countries. Workshops, platform for young performance artists and round table in Berlin. Teacher: He Chengyao (China), Ray Langenbach (Malaysia), Jürgen Fritz (Germany). Partner: Flutgraben e.V. und Glogau Air
43 participants from 14 countries, workshops at Schloss Bröllin/Germany, platform and round table in Berlin. Teacher: Kira O´Reilly (UK), Bartolomé Ferrando (Spain), Jürgen Fritz (Germany). Partner: Schloss Bröllin und Flutgraben e.V.
43 participants from 12 countries. Teacher: Klara Schilliger und Valerian Maly (CH), Elvira Santamaria Torres (Mexico), Jürgen Fritz (Germany). Partner: Schloss Bröllin und Flutgraben e.V.
41 participants from 13 countries. Teacher: Adina Bar-On (Israel), Arti Grabowski (Poland), Jürgen Fritz (Germany). Partner: Schloss Bröllin und Flutgraben e.V..

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24 participants from 11 countries. Teacher: Monali Meher (India), Alastair MacLennan (Irland), Jürgen Fritz (Germany). Workshop at RAW Tempel, Berlin. See Gallery
First Summercamp at Fusion Ground in Eastern Germany. 18 participants from Germany. Teacher: Boris Nieslony (Germany) and Jürgen Fritz (Germany).
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