To bring with you

Hello all,

I am very happy that we will soon be working together.


•          We will work a lot physically and therefore also sweat. Please bring enough clothes to change.

•          Please bring a notebook with you – to write and for drawings.

We will work on gender and social codes, on social rituals, the separation between private and public, on questions of stigmatization, love, physical love, aggression, the question of normal and abnormal behavior, shame, embarrassment, longing, hunger for recognition, hunger for beauty, hunger for touch and physical contact, on ideals of beauty, identity and the production of image.

We will not discuss these contents or concepts but will physically deal with them.

One approach to this is the clothing. Therefore I ask you to bring different clothes with you. Please consider the following options:

  • Gender code: typically male, typically female, neutral (child), transsexual, hetero- and homosexual.
  • Social code (different social roles): seductive, sexy, closed, erotic, unerotic, shy, aggressive, indeterminate, dominant, submissive, male, female, childlike, Lolita, ethnic affiliation, social status, occupational status
  • Emotional states: want to seduce, want to be seduced, anxious, self-confident, horny, hungry, disturbed, disoriented, anxious, panic-stricken.
  • Please select specific clothing that has the same meaning for you as mentioned above. It is not so much a theatrical costume as clothing that has one of the effects on you indicated above. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not. Both are equal, choose the clothes you feel comfortable in and those you feel uncomfortable in.
  • The only thing that doesn’t work is training clothes!
  • Examples of such clothing are:
    • Wedding dresses, sexy underwear, uniforms, rubber boots, high heels, stockings, raincoats, all kinds of fetish clothing, evening dresses and business wear. It is important that you also think about the appropriate shoes and perhaps also about headgear (hats, caps, etc.) and accessoires: Jewellery, glasses, blindfolds, body colour, make-up, sex toys, wigs.
  • Please bring with you any kind of materials which may inspire performance actions (Liquids, ropes, paints, sticks, tape, balloons, etc..)
  • Please learn a short text by heart. This can be a story or a poem in your mother tongue or in English.
  • Please learn a song you can sing. In your mother tongue or English.
  • Please prepare two actions or ideas for actions
    • One action of about 2 minutes duration for introducing yourself.
    • One longer action as starting point for the individual work. Should be about 5 – 10 minutes.
  • AND: Please bring music (on your Iphone, Android phone) you like to dance to: Rock and Roll, Salsa, Kizomba, Dub, Gangsta-Rap, Hip Hop, Regaeton, Urban, Electro, Garage – whatever turns you on!

You can also be inspired by the images posted on the web, Facebook, Flickr, or the IPA site.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting you.

Best regards